Monday, October 08, 2007

Changing Rear Tire on the LT

1. Bike on centerstand
2. remove two screws that hold the plastic piece where the License plate mounts
3. remove lug nuts.
4. remove tire.
5. If all you have is the tool kit tire wrench, tighten the heck out of them when installing, or as those in the know would say, use a torque wrench

The torque values for reinstallation are:

Tighten all five studs finger tight first; then torque the four outer studs to a pre-load torque setting of 50Nm; then tighten center stud to 105Nm; then tighten the four outer studs to 105Nm, using crosswise pattern.

50 NM is 37 Pound/Foot
105 NM is 77 Pound/Foot

The new BT020 is reported to be the best balance of traction and mileage.

Front Tire: 120/70R17 BT020 BW TL M 58V V 23.8 4.7 5 520lbs 42psi 3.50

Rear Tire: 160/70R17 BT020 BW TL M 79V V 25.9 6.1 8 963lbs 48psi 4.50

NOTE: These are the "V" rated tires. The "Z" rated tires are not load rated for the K1200LT,
I had these on the bike when I bought it. Worked greta but developed bumps on the front tire. I replaced them with:

The ME880 is the long distance king, but sacrifices a little traction for more mileage.
Front Tire: 120/70 B17 M/C 58V TL ME880 Marathon Front - 2.50 BAR
Rear Tire: 160/70 B17 M/C 79V Reinf. TL ME880 Marathon
Cost= almost $500 from dealer installed! YEEESH!

Had a set on my LT bought in May of '06. I ran them both for about 6,000 miles. No problems until I picked up a nail in the rear. I ended up getting a deal from BMW Louisville while on a business trip. I flew home with rear tire attached to my garmet bag. I paid $154 for the tire- almost $50 cheaper than online.

My next set will be the:Avon Storm

It's new to the Market

Front Tire Size 120/70ZR17
Rear Tire 160/70VR17

FYI Tire pressure has been run 48/48 at all times and checked regularly. best deal on tires. They have free shipping on two tires- $14 for one. will match and beat it by $1+ plus free shipping. The BMW Louisville price beat them both! NICE!

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