Sunday, August 17, 2008

MapSource FUN and Games- NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

As some of you know, I recently got a great deal from BestBuy on the best GPS for motorcycle riders- the Garmin Zumo 550.

It works great except for the Mapsource software.

Mapsource is the program that allows you make your route on a computer and then upload it into the Zumo. The problem lies in that the software is meant to be operated by Computer Engineering students from MIT. It is not "user friendly".

I have been a big fan of Microsoft's Streets and Trips for a few years. It is much easier to use and more intuitive than MapSource.

Of course, life would be great if you can convert from MS S&T into Mapsource but it is not easy.
I've spent the better parts of two nights converting my S&T route to this year's Finger Lakes Rally into MS.

Here is how it's done:

  • Complete the route on S&T
  • At each waypoint, insert a PUSH PIN in the order of the route you wish to follow
  • SAVE
  • Open GPS BABEL (You can download GPS BABEL here)

  • Select Microsoft Streets & Trips Pin/Route Reader
  • SAVE
  • Open into Mapsource
  • Select Route Tab

Highlight New Route

Right Click

Select Recalculate Route

  • Click Duplicate Route to make your ride home

Right Click

Select Invert Route

  • Select Route

Right Click

Select Route Properties to see Turn by Turn Directions

Select Directions Tab to see the actual directions

  • Click Transfer

Send to Device

Find Your Device and then SEND

The trip is then stored on the GPS.

The first question it will ask is that it has found new data and the unit asks how do you wish to manage it.

I clicked yes and it had the names of the ROUTES there. I confirmed both routes- To the Rally and From the Rally.

Press the Where to? button and ROUTES and your newly created routes will be there for you to follow.

Simply press GO and you're off.


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