Saturday, September 06, 2008

2 Ride The World- Rob, Olaf and Wally World

After oogling all of the other bikes in the camp grounds, I started to become hungry. Olaf and I headed for Wally World to get some provisions. In addition to purchasing a six pack of my favorite after riding beverage:


We chowed down on some Super Wally World's finest Popcorn Shrimp and Buffalo Wings. NICE!!!!!


After a delicious dinner, we were introduced to Simon and Lisa Thomas of 2 Ride The World.Com. These two Brits have spent the last 5 years riding the world on the BMW GS's.

Their presentation was fun and the pictures were awesome. Here's an example:



I took these images from their website. The quality sucks!!!! They were much more inspiring in person.

Their story was very funny and scary at the same time. As they tell it, while riding in the wilds of Africa, Simon fell through an old wooden bridge and broke some bones in his neck.

He was out cold for almost 40 minutes. His wife, Lisa, waited for him to come around. While heavily medicated for the pain, he had to rewire his electrical system and ride his bike out of the sticks. WOW!

If anyone has the chance to go see them in person, it is an excellent way to spend an evening.

After the presentation, I made it back to the comfort of my sleeping bag.

The end of a very good day!

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