Saturday, September 06, 2008

Finger Lakes Rally 08- The Ride Home in Shame

The next morning, I tried to sell off the ticket to the Ride for Kids charity breakfast at the Belhurst Castle. It was sponsored by the Owner of Bob's BMW.

I'm glad I didn't.

I met some awesome people who listened to my tale of woe and tried to help me get out of my funk.

The area was beautiful! The food was good too! The company- Excellent!

After breakfast, I decide to buy my wife a present. She's been working the phones with the airlines and rental car companies trying to get me home.  All weekend long, I've seen all of the Finger Lake Wineries.  I thought a nice bottle of Belhurst Blush would be a great gift. As I pick up a bottle in the gift shop, I read on the label that this wine is bottled in MATTITUCK NY! About 30 minutes from home! So much for Finger Lake Wines. Tongue

I called for a tow and they picked me up by 2pm. We rode the same route I took to back to the campgrounds after my fall. I was about 20 miles from the dealership when I broke down.

Here's me and my LT on the Tow Truck:



We brought her to Country Rode Motorwerks in Fairport, NY. Of Course, Monday's a holiday so I had hopes to get her back by the end of the week. When I called Tuesday morning, they asked for patience as they had a 2 week waiting list. YEESH!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it cost me $20 and a couple of good cigars to have the driver bring me to Rochester Airport and the rental car company. I rented a Toyota Corolla and motored home.

As we're motoring up route 14, who do I see coming in the opposite direction- OLAF on his Connie!

As I said earlier, I was sore both physically and emotionally. The LT is a great bike but I'm getting a little tired of it's top heaviness. I've dropped her before but this time, it fell on me.  I was trapped between it and the guardrail right next to a sharp drop into Seneca Lake.   Tired may not be the right word- perhaps scared or apprehensive might be better. Oh, well.

As for what went wrong, I've heard from a bunch of different diagnosis' - everything from a blown slave cylinder to a simple loose hose connection to air getting into the hydraulic lines. We'll see.

To all those in the Finger Lakes BMW Club, you guys put on an awesome rally. I plan on returning next year but perhaps on a smaller and lighter ride.

To the Kiltmiester, thanks for the ride to Bob's Breakfast. Great Company!

To Olaf and everyone who tried to assist me, a big THANK YOU! It's great to be a member of a community that extends an helping hand to another rider in need.


As Arnold says I'll Be Back!

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