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Finger Lakes Rally- 2008

Friday, 8/30/08                                                                                         

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times                                    

                                                                                                 Charles Dickens

This past weekend was the 34th Annual Finger Lakes Rally in Watkins Glen, New York.  It has on my Ride Calendar for the past two years. After reading a number of ride reports and articles about this rally, I had to go see it for myself.  This year, I managed to get the Friday before Labor Day off.  NICE!

I left Ronkonkoma around 4:30 am to beat the traffic through the Bronx. I flew through the Throgs Neck Bridge to the GWB, up the Hutch to the Sprain and the Taconic. While on the Sprain, I was shocked to see a male deer on the shoulder of the road.  It's rack was huge!!!!!!!!!  As I flew past him, it looked like he smiled at me. Freaked me out a little. I wonder why?SmileWhistling

I made my way to the Bear Mountain Bridge just as the sun started to rise. Of course, as luck would have it, I couldn't see the sun behind the rain clouds. I light drizzle started to pelt me. I simply cinched my Olympia Airglide jacket tighter and hunkered down for a wet ride.  As crossed the bridge, I saw two rainbows.

It was amazing.

I stopped on a smaller bridge to take this picture. I reached in my tank bag to grab my camera but found I left the stupid thing home. I used the camera in my cell phone instead.


As I made my way to Margaretville, my stomach started to growl. I found this cute little coffee shop and stopped for some french toast and warm coffee.

As I left, the rain started to fall a little harder and it had really cooled off. It was 57 degrees and downright chilly. I donned the waterproof liner to the Airglide. I immediately felt the difference. I was warm and toasty.  This combo made riding in the wet enjoyable.  A friend of mine, Dave Dragon, has an expression on his blog- "There is no such thing as a bad riding day, just bad riding gear!" .  On this day, he was right. The jacket kept my top half warm and dry. My bottom covered by my BMW Summer Pants and managed to keep me somewhat dry. I suffered from wet crotch syndrome for the rest of the day. Oh, well!


I was following the route created by fellow LIBMWRC member, Jim Hofer. I uploaded it onto my Zumo. It was great! Lots of back roads along the rivers and streams of Harriman and Catskill State Park. It was a lot of fun. Thanks again Jim!


I pulled into the Watkins Glen around 2 pm but not before stopping off at Wally World for a better digi camera and some provisions.  As I started to set up my tent, I hear a familiar voice. I turn and was pleasantly surprised to find Olaf!


The rain had stopped and the sky started to clear. After talking with him a bit, it was time to start to explore the rest of the campgrounds.




This poor guy pulled in and then promptly dropped his bike. One of his luggage clips broke off. We were able to zip tie and JB Weld the plastic together. I hope he got home okay.

This is a pretty neat little bike. The owner told me that while rummaging around a his dealer's garage sale, he found this seat covered in dust and dirt. He bought it for $25.  He cleaned off all of the mess and uncovered this beauty:

A real clean looking GS 1100?


A few neat Beemers with  hacks


This one was a beauty!


For the Pacific Coast Fans in the club


Neat Fairing

Day one- a success!!!!!

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