Saturday, September 06, 2008

Finger Lakes Rally- Day 2

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

After a good night's rest, I woke up and headed for the Watkins Glen Raceway.  The kind folks at Country Rode Motorwerks set up a charity ride on the track. For $20, we were able to ride three laps on the course. After signing my life away on a waiver, we were told that we would be riding following these three rules:

  1. No speeding over 50 mph
  2. No passing
  3. Stay in a staggered 2 line formation

Do I look excited or what?

Well, after all 140+ bikes got on the raceway, the Pace car took off and we were left to our own devices.  NNNNIIIIIICCCCCEEEEE!!!!!

Here's a pic of me leading a pack-

As I'm riding, Kid Rock's Summertime came on the Satellite radio and I started grooving and moving. I got the Light Truck up to 87 MPH as per the GPS. Drooling 

I would have pushed her harder but I had people in front of me not holding their line.

Afterwards, I went to explore the region.  Flat and wide open! The sun was shining and there was no traffic anywhere. It was a blast!

Hey, Lou- This one's for you!

Looking too cool!!!!!!!!!!!

I was up by Seneca Lake, right along the water's edge. I got the bright idea to take a picture with the bike. I pull along the side of the road. I leave the bike idling in neutral and put the kickstand down. I walk around to the guardrail to soak in the sunshine and the view. As I turn around to get my camera from the tank bag, the bike falls down on top of me trapping me between it and the guard rail.

Remember, the LT is a 800 lb monsterI dont know

I somehow manage to get the LT off of me and onto the kick stand.  I go to start the bike and to get to a better area to assess the damage and I can't get it to go into neutral.

As with most LT owners, I've dropped the Fat Pig before. A popped off mirror, a scuff mark here or there- no biggie! But no neutral? I'm thinking "Damn, I'm screwed".Crying

I decide to start the bike in 1st. I grab a fist full of the clutch and it goes all the way down. Before I realize it, I'm tabbing the starter and the damned bike takes off like a bat out of hell with me on it. I cross two lanes of traffic and almost go up someone's lawn. I hit the breaks and she stalls.

I get her off the to the side of the road and take off my helmet and jacket and begin to assess the damage. I see a scuffed windshield and fairing from where they hit the guard rail:

I pop the mirror back into place and then try to limp back to the campground-  over 1 hour away!!!!

I have all my gears but no neutral. I get back to the Wally World near the campground. I stop for water and Tylenol. When I come back out, the bike has a puddle of hydraulic fluid under it.

I get back to the campgrounds and I talk it over with some of the other campers.  We look at the clutch fluid glass and see that it is almost empty. I open it and it is mostly empty. I see floating chunks of stuff in the remnants. I decide to go add more brake fluid so I ride off to the local gas station. Before leaving, I pump the clutch for 2-3 minutes to get the air out. All I get is first gear. I get to the service station, put the fluid in and pump away again. Now, I get her to shift to 1-3, no neutral and no 4th or 5th gear. I get back to the campgrounds and call for a tow the next morning.

I think the worst part about the whole thing was calling my wife and having to tell her that I fell and broke the LT. YEESH!!!!

Needless to say, between being sore both physically and psychologically,  I did not sleep well that night.

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