Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aerostitch Suit Rocks!

I've wanted one for quite sometime now. I recently got my hands on a used one.  It really came in handy this afternoon.
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Back story- yesterday I wore my Belstaff Adventure jacket to work and I almost froze my cojones off. My upper body was warm but the lower half was frozen. Thank goodness for the heated seat on my LT.  Hearing the forecast for today, I decided ride to work again today and try out the 'Sticth.

When I left this morning, it was 28 degrees. I donned my suit and never looked back.

Attached is a pic of me looking quite the chubby little stud in my suit. 

I was quite warm as I headed to one of my buildings in Bellport. 30 minutes of riding in the cold and no problems!   I even had time to take this picture by the War Memorial in Islandia before heading out.


This afternoon, as I headed out to Shirley for a meeting, the clouds began to look quite threatening. Sure enough, by the time the meeting ended, it was pouring. My suit kept me dry for 40+ minute ride home. When I got home, I unzipped out of my suit and I was bone dry. I can't wait to try her out even longer in a real down pour! Today, I was able to wear my suit pants without getting them wrinkled or wet. I simply threw my suit jacket in the LT's trunk until I arrived at my meeting. It was great!

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