Saturday, July 04, 2009

BMW MOA Rally 2009

It's that time of year again. Getting ready to do some maintenance n my LT in preperation for my trip to the BMW MOA Rally in Johnson City, TN.

My plan is to leave from work on Thursday, 7/16. Slab it to a Campground in PA and arrive in JC sometime on Friday Morning. I'll then spend the rest of the Friday checking out the sites and perhaps buying some Farkles for the Batbyke.

Saturday, the Kleppis Family from LIBMWRC may be hosting a BBQ for the some of the members. This should be sweet! I'm sure we'll be doing some riding in the twisties of Tennessee.

Sunday I'm not sure about. My plan for the trip home includes spending time on the beautiful Blue Ridge but I know the Mommy Tanks and Granny Tanks (RVs) will be out in full force. I may stay until Monday and the head home. If this is the case, I should pull into the VB Central some time on Tuesday before Dinner.

Here is my planned route:

You can click on it to enlarge it.

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