Sunday, November 01, 2009

Beemer Breakfast 11/01/09

Got up this morning for the BMW Breakfast at the Rocky Point Dinner.  I was in the mood to play with my digi camera while riding.  Dangerous I know but hey, call me a rebel.

When I left my house this morning it was rather cool and damp. I threw my Roadcrafter on and I was good to go!


I went to the Park N Ride to meet some other club members for the ride east.   I guess the weather was too bad for their sensitive nature because no one showed. Silly

That’s okay, I got to take some cool shots of my LT.


Here’s some shots on the way to RP:


Look at the concentration on this guy’s face.   Incredible!

I was a little cool and then I realized, the zippers in the armpit were not closed. On the way home, I zipped them up and was much warmer.  It would have been great but I forgot to close the back vent. My back was cool and stiffen slightly. I hate getting old!

Some more beauty shots of the LT:




Of course, I get to the Diner and the batteries died. Oh well, next time!

My route (roughly):

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Great meal! 40+ miles and a ton of smiles!  Great way to start a week!

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