Sunday, January 03, 2010

Riding Calendar 2010

Well, in reviewing my goals for 2009 I have to admit I failed miserably!

To be fair, the April trip to North Carolina and the subsequent tow to Bob's BMW put a major crimp into my trip fund. Then, the rear seal leak in July laid the bike up during prime time riding season.

I did manage to the Motorcycle show in NYC and Spring Training Camp at the Iron Horse. All of the others were just not in the picture.

But, it is January 3rd and time for my new riding calendar.

It of course starts with the International Motorcycle Show at the Javits Center in January. I hope to throw my leg over the Ducati Mutistrada.

If I like the way she feels, I will have to part ways with the LT.

As I did last year, my riding calendar starts off in April with a ride to the Ironhorse.

April 15-17

My buddy from work Sam has said he might join me for the ride. It would be cool if he can go! Maybe I will talk with my Dad to take the ride up from Flatland too. He needs to get in riding shape for our July/August ride.

This year, I will ride the Blue Ridge Parkway to North Carolina. I did it two years ago and had a blast but couldn't do it last year. The fog was too much!

May is solidly booked already. Unfortunately, that means limited riding times. Maybe I can ride down to Eric's house for Noah's communion. Other that that, there's no free weekends.

July 7-11
Well, this is a pipedream but maybe if I scoot out of work on Friday, I can join the LIBMWRC Club guys for the weekend. With all of the graduations, it will be tough but maybe.

I have nothing in mind for July except for:

Aug 9-15

I'm thinking leaving Long Island on Aug 4th. Two days to Memphis and meet up with my Dad to ride to the Spectacle. Three days to South Dakota and enjoy the views for a few days. We will then head west and drop down south through Colorado and head east. In total, I'm looking at well over 6,ooo miles on this trip alone.

Labor Day Weekend

This is a really neat event run by the BMWLT guys. I'll simply leave after work, take the Orient Point Ferry and be at the resort before dark. Janet may even join me!

The ride home won't be fun but....

To end the season, there's the Smokey Mountain Reunion back at the Ironhorse.

I definitely want to do the Ride for Kids. The Hudson Valley ride is Aug 1 and might be too close to the Sturgis trip. But there is one in Utica, NY on July 18th. Hmmm!

If all holds true, I predict I will ride over 15,000 miles this year. That would be almost DOUBLE my 2009 total.

Still to be determined- LIBMWRC Rally, Weekend Trips, Crabcake Challenge, other getaways and what bike will Rob be using.

Stay tuned.............

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