Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thoughts on WHERE MEN WIN GLORY : The Odyssey of Pat Tillman By Jon Krakauer

For Christmas, I received a copy Where Men Win Glory. I wanted to read about how Pat Tillman, a NFL Superstar in the making, could walk away from his career and serve in the Army. He was motivated to enlist by the of 9/11. This book goes into great detail the events in Tillman's life that helped him make such a life altering decision.

What I enjoyed so much about the first half of the book was how Jon Krakauer was able to juxtapose the mundane events in Tillman's life compared to conditions in Afghanistan. Tillman was always a gifted athlete even though his coaches in high school were not always able to see his talents. These events were shared alongside the rise of Bin Laden in the Afgan against the Russians.

I've always been raised to respect the men and women who serve in the Military. One of my Uncles was a RAF pilot killed over Africa in WWII. My favorite show is NCIS. John Wayne WWII movies are a must see for me. I've seen some fine students enlist an served this country. This is really my only contact with the military. I will not pass judgement on those who ended up shooting Pat Tillman and his colleague on that ridge in the desert. I've never been in the position to shoot or be shot. However, the officers that made decisions that day should be held accountable for their actions.

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