Monday, November 08, 2010

Mom's Memorial- Bonita Springs Florida Oct. 27 1:30pm

Mom and Dad- Together Again Forever

Anyone else have a sense of deja vu? It feels like we were just here because we were!

Thank everyone for coming today to help celebrate the life of my Mom. Is hard celebrate Mom without also talking about my dad. especially because the two were so much in love and devoted to one another.

For the record, they were married for 42 years.  Like many marriages they had their ups and downs.  They married when they were just 18 years old so when I say growing up with them was an adventure, I mean both from my prospective as their oldest chIld and later as we both continued as parents of little ones. My son is a year or two older and my daughter is a year or two younger than my sister Sam. We would often compare notes on the challenges of raising teenagers. 

My brother Eric said it best- Mom died of a broken heart.  When dad passed it was simply a continuation of their life together.  When we arrived here on Saturday, Aunt Janet pointed out that this simply fit the pattern my parents followed their whole life.  Dad would go find a home first and Mom would follow.  When we moved from Broad Channel to Ronkonkoma, Dad went out first. Mom followed. To Louisiana, NJ and then here, Dad went first. And Mom followed. So this while sad, it simply followed this same pattern.

My favorite Mom story, of course, involves my Dad being.... well Dad.  We were building a green house for my father in law, and I couldn't get the angle of the cut just right.  I went to him for help. Together with my wife and brother, we followed Dad into his workshop.  He gave is each a task to do.  Dad, being Dad waved him off. We were working on a table saw. My Father got the idea to make this cut by pulling the would into the saw from the front. Eric warned him this was not going to work. As soon as the wood hit the blade, it was ripped out of his hands striking him right into the chest. He made several loud sounds that sounded eerily like a fog horn. After a few choice words for Eric and I (GOD DAMMIT ERIC!), Mom comes into the shop as calm as can be. In her hand was a big Homer bucket filled with instant ice packs, ace bandages, and band aides.  From that day forth we called it her Bucket of First Aide. She simply placed it down on the work table and calmly announced that dinner was in five minutes and then walked out.  Totally calm, ready to bail out her husband but knowing full well that he could take care of himself. 

I want to thank my Aunts Marion &Janet, my cousins Glen and Kassie, and even grouchy old Uncle Bill for being here for both my parents during this difficult time.

I also want to thank my wife Janet for being there with het bucket of love for me.

As for the Staff here- awesome, simply awesome. If you can find it in your hearts, please leave a donation for them to help them continue to do God's Work.

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