Sunday, December 31, 2000

My New to Me 1985 K100RS

A buddy from work and I drove to Mannyhatten to pick up a great little project bike for me to tinker with in my new Man Cave. It is a 1985 K100RS. Odo shows 41K but they are notorious for being broken.

The previous owner swears it was running when he took it apart for a broken water pump. He did the repairs on the street. After 7 trips up a flight of stairs, Sam's van was full with the parts and we headed home.

The tank looks like it was secured but it quickly flew off on the wonderful roadway that is the Cross Bronx Expressway. We had to stop three times to secure it. Once we hit the Island, it was smooth sailing.

Here's Wife testing the RS out:

Cost: $400 down payment, $150 due by 12/1
$ 50 gift card for Sam THANK YOU!
$ 31 for storage unit rental.

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Location:Ronkonkoma,United States

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