Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gotta Love St.Louie

My trip to ACTE was almost ruined. After landing, I stopped off to pull out my transportation reservation from my briefcase. With my reservation in hand, I left the areas leaving mix ipad behind. While in the restroom, I realized how stupid I was for leaving it behind. I tried to reenter by TSA and was almost tasezed by a 70 years old guard. She roldan to to try at the ticket counter. After getting a gate pass, I waited almost 30 minutes. I get to the counter by the gate and no one from Southwest had seen it. Iwe was checking by the chairs when my god send told me another SW employee had secured it. I went back.to the counter, told the agent what my new friend had told me, and she called to baggage claim. They had it and were trying to locate me to return it.

Thank you Southwest and St. Louis!
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