Sunday, June 24, 2012

Job #2- Oil Change and Bike Wash

I set out yesterday to get to know my new ride.  I figured what better way to know my new ride that to change the motor, gearbox and final drive oils. So I took the truck and went to Goldcoast and bought a new oil filter (and a backup for next time), a spark plug cover and some crush washers. I then drove to Advance for some motor oil.

My oil(s) of choice:

V-Twin 20W-50 with Supersync for Cruisers - MOBIL-20W50

I grab my drain pail and I'm all set to pull my tools to begin this task. One problem- my hex sockets are on the LT at Max BMW in Connecticut!  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

I added some Seafoam to clean out the gas tank a little bit.

Instead, I clean the hell out of her.  Scrubbed a good portion of rust.  I then took her on a ride to Jones Beach. She is a smooth and powerful beast!

While cleaning her, I discovered the inspection sticker:

Now I bought her when she had 7034 miles. That means the Previous owner put on just 216 over THREE years. My ride to Jones Beach and back resulted in this:

Just the beginning!

Supplies- $65 at Goldcoast, $40 at Advance, $40 at Pepboys,
Miles on the R - 78

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