Sunday, July 08, 2012

Weekend at The Gardner Inn

I just wanna drink 'til I'm not thirsty
I just wanna sleep 'til I'm not tired
I just wanna drive 'til I run out of highway
Into the purple sky
- Kid Rock, "Purple Sky"

My trip to Jaques's place started off great. I had my bike loaded and gassed by 815am. I headed towards the Roslyn starting point with plans for a great weekend.

As I got off the LIE, I decided to gas up the R1150R. after refueling, I hit the starter and my heart leapt into my throat at the sound of the slow whirling of the starter. It was a sad slow sound that I had thought might be coming. I called John Z, who I knew was at he Starbucks, to come give me a push to bump start the beast. Just as he arrived, Mike C. Had pulled up and started to gas up his ride. We all listened to the dying whrilling of the starter before giving me a bump start. After a quick coffee and another bump start, Mike and I headed home to replace it while John tended to another plumbing disaster.

We had the starter swapped out in under an a half hour. We double check the maps on Google Maps and headed off.

View HUNTER NY-1 in a larger map

All I can say is WOW!!!!!! The bike handles great! Mike and I made great time heading to Bear Mountain Pkwy and Rt 218 through West Point. The roads were traffic free (Once we got off the the Hutchinson Pkwy) and the trees provided great shade in the 100 degree heat.  We found this great little road Rt19 off of Route 55 that had some great twisters and changes in elevation.

Too bad we went in the wrong way for about 20 minutes or so:-)

Here we are as we're about to pull a u-turn:

This is a fun bike to ride!  The torquiness (sp?) of the engine is great fun in the twisties! It's sooooo much lighter than the LT.  Its almost like I just think about leaning this way or that and before I realize it, the bike is already in the right slot position. Amazing!

I do need to replace the windscreen with something bigger to help with the wind noise. Don't get me wrong, in this heat, the wind was a welcome relief but the wind noise I could definitely do with out. I've even had to resort to wearing foam earplugs to give me some relief.  As for the saddle, yup- it's a beemer!  It's gotta go!  I wonder if Russell makes one for her.  Carlos had loaned me he Airhawk but I didn't care for how it bunched up near "The Boys".

We made to Jacques place around 7pm. Jacques and Jim had already stocked the place with snacks and beer for the weekend's get together.

After a quick tour and a chance to wash up, we headed into town for dinner. Just as we were about to leave, Scotty the Madman himself, arrives. He quickly changed out of his riding gear and joined us.

We ate a great Mexican place in town, Pancho Villas.

Despite some odd drink choices, we all had a great time. Scott ordered a PiƱa Colada and Jim ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri. Here is a shot of them leaving the restaurant:

And Scotty calls me a Candy Ass!!!! LOL

The next day, we had a fantastic breakfast in Windham at a place called the Country Store. Fresh squeezed OJ, thick French Toast soaked in eggs, nice slabs of Bacon....mmmmm.

When we returned to the Inn, John Z and Lech were waiting. We changed into our riding gear and Lech lead us on a great 100+ mile ride. Awesome roads, great pace, AND no mechanical issues by anyone. Lech, again GREAT JOB! Thanks for sharing your roads with us!

Lunch was had at the Chicken Run in Windham.

Towards the end of the ride,  we stopped at Lech's property where the legendary Lech's Rally was held a few years back. Words can't describe a great piece of property this place truly is.

We returned the Inn and simply hung out in Jacques bar for a few hours. We went to diner at:

The ribs were so tender they fell right off he bone. We then stayed and watched a great fireworks show.

When we returned, some nice cigars and great conversation was had on the back patio till almost midnight!  Jacques shared with us his vision for this property.  When completed, this will be the premier Inn in the area. It's already a great place, when he's done with his plans, it will be 10x better!

Jacques, lots of luck with your new ride!  I will let you announce  your new toy with the group when you choose to.  Be sure to be GenTLe with her!

Again, your generosity this weekend was greatly appreciated by all of us in attendance. It is a shame more club members were not able to share in this weekend.

In closing, if you didn't go, you missed a great weekend! Next year, if Jacques will put up with us again, everyone should go. Three hours away and you can find a small piece of paradise- great inn+great roads+good friends= Great Times!!!!

Cost of the Starter: $66
Tank Bag: $125
Mileage for replacement starter: CRAP forgot to check approx 7650
Mileage after the trip: 7980

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Unknown said...

I couldn't have said it better. Just plan awesome thanks to all for making this trip unforgettable.

Jim D