Sunday, January 27, 2019

Iron HorseTrip- May 4-12

At Harold's suggestion, I created this post to keep the agenda for our trip and all the details in one place. It was too hard to follow on the email system.

Here is the rooming arrangements as of 1/25/19:

Front Bunk House- 5 Beds
  • Rob
  • Mike C
  • Ross 
  • Harold (Confirmed)
  • Arthur (Locked In)
RV- Frank B
RV- Martin
RV- Mike C

Achim - Room

James D- Room

Eric Camping 

 Jacques - Room

John Z- Camping 

Chris Camping
Jimmy Camping
Johnnie Camping


John C. leaving with us from LI...Joining us at Oak Haven; staying in Ashville w/ his honey before joining us at the IH and Barber/Nashville.

12 Leaving LI

3 From Va/Tennessee area
1 Ohio
2 Canadians 
1 RV from Pa

2 joining us mid week

Tommy Thursday
Dom - Thursday
Saturday night- OakHaven Lodge

(540) 745-5716

JC and I have our room booked.  Everyone else needs to book their own room or find a roomate.

Sunday  through Thursday - Iron Horse Lodge
(828) 479 - 3864
I booked the bunkhouse for the 5 of us for the week. As we get closer, I will shorten the stay for 4 of the 5 of us.  Harold is staying at the IH while we continue on our sidetrip to Barber.

Thursday- IH to Barber Museum

Thursday Night, May 9
Best Western Leeds, AL
1949 Village Drive


We have 3 rooms reserved.  Each room has 2 queens and a cot.
Confirmation Numbers 35707178

Friday- BARBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday - Barber Museum and NASA Museum in Huntsville, AL for a photo op with the Apollo rocket
3 rooms already reserved that sleep 3- 2 queens and a pullout bed

Friday Night
Sheraton Music City
777 McGavock Pk, Nashville
1(615) 885-2200
Reservation Number 98294304

Saturday-Sunday- The long ride home 943 miles to Ronkonkoma.  Motel or ride through at your own discretion.


John said...

Nice job Rob! Dana & I are heading straight to Nashville via Telico Plains Thursday.

Unknown said...

I have a room at Oak Haven. Open to share.

Rob VB said...

Are you staying at the Sheraton or in the City proper? Be sure to visit the Gulch and the American Picker shop. Bring your credit card for both!
, 😜